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The next generation of

NZ's favourite family SUV

is here!

NZ's favourite family SUV just got better.

The New Santa Fe is here and it brings even more of what Kiwi families have come to love over the past 20 years.

It's bigger, bolder, safer, and more convenient than ever, offering you more ways to enhance your life. 

Experience the New Santa Fe for yourself today!

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Celebrating 20 years of Santa Fe.

In the year 2000, we introduced our first-generation Santa Fe, making us one of the pioneers in the SUV market. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Santa Fe has become a Hyundai icon and is one of our longest-running models in New Zealand. Now in its fourth generation, the Santa Fe has undergone a significant design, safety, and technology evolution.


First Generation

Meet Mike and Sarah. They've owned 6 Santa Fes over the years including the first generation model (pictured)! Whether they are loading up their kayaks or towing their boat to the river, the Santa Fe has always been able to keep up with their lifestyle.

Second Generation

Pam has owned many Santa Fes including the second (pictured) and third generation models. As Pam has upgraded to newer Santa Fes, she's kept previous models in the family by passing them on to other family members.

Third Generation

Pam is now in her third-generation Santa Fe. With its reliability and durability,  the Santa Fe is easily able to keep up with Pam's active lifestyle. Pam is looking forward to upgrading to the New Santa Fe soon!

Fourth Generation

Say hello to new parents, Alexia and Tyler. As Pam's granddaughter, Alexia learned to drive in Pam's Santa Fe. And, with the arrival of their new baby, Pam wouldn't wrap her great granddaughter in anything less than the safest, most powerful Santa Fe yet.

Supporting Kiwi families for 20 years.

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